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Combating Pests With Flying Pig Pest Control

Flying Pig Pest Control defends your home from pests that just don’t seem to know their place.  When the ants advance or termites swarm, the Pig counter-attacks with effective pest control measures, protecting your home or business from unwanted invaders.  When mosquitos bite or roaches raid, we have a solution for you!

In addition to controlling what bugs you, we can also help protect your lawn from moles.  If your beautiful lawn suffers damage, unraveling like a cheap sweater from mole mounds and tunnels, we have a solution for you!

This Little Piggy Means Business!

In Cincinnati, pigs can fly!  We at Flying Pig Pest Control embrace our Cincinnati heritage as well, proudly offering pest solutions to our residential and commercial clients by providing quality control for termites, bedbugs, mosquitos, ants, roaches, rats, mice, stinging insects and much more.  We get results, because this little piggy means business!

Residential Pest Control

We protect homes from a wide variety of pests, customizing a solution for your domain.  Our programs are tailored to meet your specific pest needs, which may involve exterior treatments to keep pests from entering your home or programs that involve treatment both inside and out of your home.

Unlike many national companies, we do not employ a cookie-cutter approach to pest control.  Rather, we offer flexible, customized solutions at prices that are competitive to our national counterparts.  Learn more about our pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control

We protect your business and your reputation by providing quality, effective pest control. Our Integrated Pest Management programs are designed to not only prevent and resolve pest issues, but educate and inform our clients on what they can do to keep their business free from unwanted pests.

Mosquito Control

Protect and enjoy your outdoor environment!  Mosquitos really suck and can ruin a good time.  We’ll implement a program to eliminate both adult and immature mosquitos, providing an outdoor environment that is conducive to relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. Learn more about our mosquito eradication program.

Mosquito Control
Flying Pig Pest Control protects your outdoor environment by offering mosquito control. Enjoy your patio!

Termite Control – Whether you need an inspection for the sale of your home, preventive treatment, or curative termite treatment, the Pig is ready to protect the structure of your home.  Learn more about our termite control programs.

Worker Termites
Protect your home or business from destructive termites. Flying Pig Pest Control offers termite prevention, control, and inspections.

Mole Control

Moles destroying your lawn?  We can rid your lawn of destructive moles.  Learn more about our mole control programs.

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We’re Local and Hometown-Proud

We love Cincinnati!  Formally known as Porkopolis in the 1800s, the Queen City was the pork capital of the world.  Once known for its hog processing industry, Cincinnati proudly embraces its heritage. Today, Cincinnati continues to embrace its porcine identity.   In 1950, musician Red Foley released the song “Cincinnati Dancing Pig.”

In 1989, artist Andrew Leichester proposed a new gateway for Sawyer Point Park commemorating Cincinnati’s bicentennial — a four-winged pig atop the suspension bridge.

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