Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Flying Pig Pest Control services protect homes and businesses from unwanted pests by customizing solutions based on its clients’ specific needs.  Unlike larger, national companies, the Pig provides solutions specific to each individual. Through this, we avoid a cookie-cutter approach to service.

Protect Your Home

Let Flying Pig Pest Control Protect Your Home For our residential clients, Flying Pig Pest Control prides itself on offering several services to homeowners in Greater Cincinnati.  We offer a perimeter protection program, keeping unwanted pests out of your home.  The Pig secures the perimeter by placing a pest barrier around the foundation of your home. The barrier helps to prevent pests from entering your domicile through various entry points.

Additionally, we offer pest eradication and prevention inside the home as needed.  Whether you need perimeter protection or eradication inside the home, we have the right solution for you!

To receive a free in-home evaluation, or to receive information over the phone, contact us by filling out a simple form or by calling us at (513) 993-5455.

Protect Your Workplace

Whether you run a restaurant, manage an office, or provide quality assurance at a warehouse, Flying Pig Pest Control provides customized solutions for all kinds of businesses.  We tailor a program based on your business’s specific needs, offering solutions that protect your business.  

Integrated Pest Management

Flying Pig Pest Control employs IPM — integrated pest management — by using the right combination of treatment methods. These treatment methods include thorough inspection, liquid applications, baiting, and more.  Additionally, we make careful observations concerning the home and business structure, letting our clients know what they can do to help prevent pests from entering the structure.

With the environment in mind, we are steadfast in applying materials judiciously. This results in a responsible application that is both effective and environmentally conscious.

Mosquito Control

Let Flying Pig Pest Control Protect Your Home for MosquitosMosquitos suck!  Also, they can ruin your outdoor atmosphere.  The Pig provides mosquito eradication and prevention, applying both adulticides and larvacides, keeping these blood-suckers to a minimum.  Don’t let these pests invade your atmosphere.  

Termite Control

Termites cause billions of dollars of destruction to structures every single year.  To combat this, Flying Pig Pest Control provides termite control, prevention, and inspections.  We offer termite and wood-destroying organism inspections that is often required for the purchase of a home as well.  

Mole Control

Home and businesses owners often invest much time and money in their turf and landscape, just to have their lawns destroyed by moles. These underground invaders tunnel beneath the surface of the ground, leaving unsightly mounds and tunnels.  

Flying Pig Pest Control provides its Cincinnati clients with an effective mole trapping solution, ridding the lawns of these damaging foes.  For some clients, we offer a baiting solution to ride the lawn of moles.  For more information on the best approach for protecting your lawn, contact us today.