Mosquito Control in Greater Cincinnati

Mosquitos Suck! Flying Pig Pest Control has a solution: eradicate them with our mosquito control services.

Mosquitos produce itchy welts and can be quite painful, depending on the individual.  However, they are not just a painful annoyance; there are health implications as well since these nasty bloodsuckers spread disease as well.

Eastern Treehole Mosquito
Eastern Treehole Mosquito, a common mosquito in the Cincinnati, Ohio Area. Photo by Susan Ellis,

Flying Pig Pest Control provides protection against mosquitos by applying materials that begins killing adult mosquitos instantly.  Additionally, the Pig applies materials to areas that destroy mosquito larvae as well.  When you hire Flying Pig Pest Control, we will implement a program for your outdoor environment that includes mosquito eradication, prevention, as well as consultation on what you can do to keep these bloodsuckers at bay.

We offer a stand-alone mosquito program that specifically targets mosquitos.  Additionally, we have a program that covers not just mosquitos, but other pests that may invade your home or business such as ants, stinging insects, mice, rats, cockroaches, and more.  Read more about our other services.

To obtain more information about mosquito eradication for your home or business, contact Flying Pig Pest Control by filling out a simple contact form or by calling us at (513) 993-5455.

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